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Snapshots: Our "Communal" 65th Birthday Party!


Class of 1980 members in the NYC area enjoyed a "communal 65th birthday party" at the apartment of Class President Barbara Laskey Weinreich on November 3. We enjoyed an abundance of good food, drink and cheer as classmates reconnected with old friends and were introduced to classmates they did not know before. (See the fun photos!)


Attendees included Suzanne Telsey, Peter Knitzer, Mary Wiener, Harriet Whiting, Joan Munves Boning, Jon Galef, Mara Rogers,Diane Montgomery, Tom Watkins, Helen Lauffer, Dana Calitri, Sally Sollis Cohen, Susan Adams and Susan Romero.

It was a lovely, warm gathering…and we look forward to more ways to connect in-person in the future, as we ramp up for our in-person 45th Class Reunion in May 2024.

Interested in holding a 65th birthday party in your area?   Interested in working with us on Reunion?  Let us know! (Click here to submit via e-mail.)

We remain, as always, "Ever true."


Barbara Laskey Weinreich

President, Brown Class of 1980


Save the Date: Our 45th Class Reunion is May 23-25, 2025

As Groucho Marx famously said: "Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana." Can it possibly be true that our 40th anniversary is just around the corner? Well, yes, but it's a really big corner.

You'll remember that we missed our 40th class reunion in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but don't despair: The date is now set for our 40th reunion and we want to see you there!

Dates: Friday, May 23, to Sunday, May 25, 2025.

Online Registration: (Will be posted here when available.)

E-mail Alerts: Click here now to sign up for Class of '80 alerts.

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