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How to Use this Calendar: The calendar below is updated regularly with upcoming events and programs. To use it, simply click on an event listed. A pop-up window for that event will appear with a brief description of "what, where, when and who." You can also scroll forward in time by using the pink "month arrows." Some events are in-person; others are virtual meetings or seminars delivered over the Internet. Most events are free. If an advance registration, fee or charge is required, that will be noted in the listing, along with an appropriate link and contact information. Note: If you wish to add an upcoming event to this calendar, read the directions at the bottom of this page.

To suggest an addition to our calendar for upcoming events and online meetings, please send an e-mail with all pertinent details to:  Classof1980@alumni.brown.eduMake sure to include your name, phone number and e-mail address. The deadline for submissions is 10 days in advance. All submissions should be related to Class of 1980 activities or Brown University events.

CALENDAR OF EVENTS: Class of 1980 and Brown University

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