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Main Brown University website:

Brown Maddock Alumni Center Phone:

(401) 863-3307

Brown Alumni and Friends website (public):

myBrown Alumni portal (password required):

Brown Events Calendar:

Brown Athletics and Recreation:

Regional Brown Clubs:

Brown Affinity Groups:

Note: Affinity groups linked on the page above include:

  • Asian / Asian American Alumni Alliance (A4)

  • Brown Alumni Entrepreneurship Group

  • Brown University’s Latino Alumni Council (BULAC)

  • Brown University Veterans Alumni Council

  • Brown Alumni Pride Association (BAPA)

  • Brown Women’s Network

  • Inman Page Black Alumni Council (IPC)

  • Native American Brown Alumni (NABA)

Brown Women's Network:

Brown Parents and Families:

Brown Volunteer Opportunities:

Note: Volunteer resources linked on the page above include:

  • General Volunteer Opportunities

  • Affinity Group Volunteers

  • Brown Annual Fund Volunteers

  • Brown Club Volunteers

  • Brown Medical Community Volunteers

  • Career & Mentoring Volunteers

  • Class Volunteers

  • Parents Leadership Council

Brown Travelers:

Class of 1980 website:

Class of 1980 Facebook page:

Class of 1980 LinkedIn page:

Class of 1980 E-mail:

Brown Reunion Weekend 2023:

Class of 1980 Volunteer Opportunities:

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Alumni Directory (password required):

Pay Class of 1980 Dues:

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Brown Connect (password required):

Class of 1980 News:

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Class of 1980 Calendar:

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Class of 1980 Photos:

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Class of 1980 Surveys:

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Class of 1980 In Memoriam:

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Medicare Planning Event for the Class of 1980:

Watch Video or Read the Medicare Enrollment Guide (PDF)

Brown Alumni Interviewing program (password required):

Career Tools and Resources:

Brown Job Board (password required):

Brown Transcript Requests:

Brown Alumni Ambassadors Program (password required):

Brown Alumni Magazine (with Class updates):

RESOURCES: Making the Most of Your Alumni Connection

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