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Key Roles Available Now:


  • Serve on the Class of 1980 Leadership Team

  • Class Reunions: Planning and Organizing

  • Class Reunions: Onsite Volunteers

  • Special Events: Get Togethers, Zoom Meetings, Holidays

  • Communications: E-mail Team, Website, Social Media 

  • Online Calendar: Additions, Updates, Changes

  • Class Outreach: Help Us Contact Fellow Graduates

  • Giving Leadership

  • Treasurer: Class Dues, Budgeting, Simple Reports

  • Editor: Help Prepare Text for the Website

  • Floating Volunteer: Help As Needed, When Available

  • General Brown volunteering opportunities


You can help a lot or a little. Even an hour once in a while helps. We greatly appreciate anything you can do!


To volunteer your time and talents today, or find out more, end us an e-mail at: Make sure to include your full name, phone number and e-mail address in your message, as well as the best time of day to contact us. Welcome.

Writer Elizabeth Andrew said: “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they have the heart.”

The Brown University Class of 1980 needs your help fulfill our mission: "Connecting our fellow graduates to each other and to Brown."


No matter what you studied at Brown, or what career path you followed, chances are that your campus years helped shaped your life in profound ways. Plus you enjoyed some splendid food at the Ratty along the way, including coffee-flavored ice cream. Yum!

Without a doubt, Brown really is a special place - a different kind of university. That's why more than 46,000 students applied for admission to the Brown class of 2025. (Only 5.4% were accepted.) They know that the open curriculum and unique campus experience at Brown are truly transformative, not to mention the legendary Josiah Carberry.

Today, most of us are approaching retirement age...or are already there. Yes, you may have many other responsibilities. And yes, strolling down a deserted beach in Northern Michigan may be more appealing than just about anything else. (See photos) But you also know that giving back to Brown means more than writing a check or putting a decal on your car. It's something that comes from the heart.

Our class is almost half a century years out from that sunny day in May 1980 when we got to march through the Van Wickle Gates, wondering what would come next in our lives. We have the smiles and scars and wisdom to prove it.

So let's make the most of our older selves. Let's reach out to each other to renew old friendships, build new relationships and let the world know that the Brown Class of 1980 is the premier graduating class since the university was founded back on September 15, 1764. (Ummm...humility may not be our strong suit, but what the heck.)

So - show the world, and your fellow grads, that you've learned a thing or two. Help us leverage our collective wisdom and amplify our collective Chutzpah. Volunteer with the Brown Class of 1980. See the list of available opportunities on this page, then send us an e-mail at: to get started. Every effort counts!

VOLUNTEER: How to Help the Brown University Class of 1980 

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